Wildcat Road Max

A multifunctional gasoline additive designed to improve every aspect of vehicle performance. Boosts performance, efficiency, & power.

Wildcat Road Max is a multifunctional gasoline additive designed to boost every aspect of vehicle performance. It offers massive gains in performance, efficiency, component life, cleanliness, and deposit control. It also extends the lifespan and quality of all treated fuel.

With a full suite of extensive lab tests to back up its dazzling feature list, Wildcat Road Max is the premiere product in gasoline improvement.

Boosts octane
Controls deposits
Cleans combustion chamber
Longer catalytic converter life
Reduces emissions
Improves fuel economy
Increases performance of the exhaust catalyst
Controls water
Preserves fuel quality
Helps prevent fuel ageing

Wildcat Road Max is available in retail or bulk fuel treatment formulations. As a 350ml one shot, it treats 40 litres of fuel. As a bulk treatment, it treats 2000 litres of fuel.

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