Syntec4 Eco Coolant

This innovative, eco-friendly coolant is ideal for use in even the most
environmentally sensitive of areas.

Syntec4 Eco Coolant is the new wave in engine coolant technology.
This innovative, eco-friendly coolant combines power and cost
efficiency with regulation-beating environmental safeguards
effective enough to make it ideal for use in even the most
environmentally sensitive of areas.

Syntec4 Eco Coolant is non-petroleum based, derived from natural
resources, and totally non-toxic to humans and wildlife. It
biodegrades more readily than standard coolants, and its
brand-new renewable formula is free of phosphates, nitrites,
amine, borates and silicates – making leaks, spillages, and
handling safe for the environment and people alike.

It’s cost-effective, too – offering 5 years or 250,000km of
service life thanks to its proprietary OAT inhibitor package.
Unlike other bio-friendly coolants, which have their service
life reduced by MPG, Syntec4 Eco Coolant keeps working at its
full efficiency for year on year, regardless of strain.

It’s delivered ready to use, eliminating issues of dilution
and water quality, and its bespoke blend formulation means
that it can be supplied dyed in the colour your industry
requires. In terms of both power and utility, Syntec4 Eco
Coolant is a seamless solution for an eco-friendly

• Biodegrades readily with no harm to environment or wildlife
• Safe and non-hazardous for all handling
• 5 years/250,000km of service life – regardless of MPG
• Comes ready to use in a 50% pre-dilute
• Protects against corrosion with its organic acid inhibitors
• Made entirely from renewable, non-petroleum resources

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