Rehab4 Vulcan Gas Oil & Vulcan Gas Oil Max

Vulcan Gas Oil and Vulcan Gas Oil Max raise cetane and combat contamination issues arising from moisture, sludge and algae.

World class Fuelling… that won’t cost the Earth

Vulcan Gas Oil treatment transforms offroad diesel into a first-class fuel. It increases cetane rating, lubricates the internal components of the engine, improves storage stability, and eliminates diesel’s consistent issues with water and algal resistance.

Diesel formulation quality is dropping fast. Road diesel has serious problems with DPF blocking, fuel pump failures, and emissions – and the quality of off-road diesel is even worse.

Vulcan Gas Oil treatment upgrades offroad diesel beyond the specification of road fuel – and Vulcan Gas Oil Max brings synthetic fuel catalyst performance to the off-road market, improving combustion and cutting soot formation by 35%.

Dosed into storage tanks, Vulcan will greatly reduce the rate of DPF problems – and Vulcan Gas Oil Max will bring them to a virtual end. The treatments increase cetane, giving better power and reducing emissions. They also contain anticorrosives, lubricity boosters, and advanced enhancers to assist in fuel vapourisation.  


Dilute at 1 part Vulcan Gas Oil, or Vulcan Gas Oil Max, to 3000 parts diesel fuel. The enhancer will produce a cleaner, higher quality fuel with improved performance, suitable for all agricultural and horticultural machinery, construction plant, military vehicles and lift trucks.  


Vulcan Gas Oil Max Only

  • Fuel Catalyst Technology
  • Soot combusts at lower temperatures
  • Dramatically reduces soot build-up
  • Improves MPG – a 3-6% saving
  • Controls Water


  • Increased reliability
  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Increases injector life
  • Decreases corrosion in the whole system
  • Stops algal attack by controlling water
  • Extends life of the fuel
  • Cetane Increase


  • Quicker ignition
  • Torque increase
  • Reduced emissions and DP
  • Increased Lubricity


  • Extends life of fuel pumps and fuel injectors
  • Reduces frictional losses
  • Lubricates the whole system


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