Rehab4 Retro Fuel Restorer

A vintage, veteran and classic fuel enhancer and restorer. Suitable for classic car and motorcycle engines designed to run on leaded fuel.

A vintage, veteran and classic vehicle fuel enhancer and restorer

This enhancer is for classic car and motorcycle engines designed to run on leaded fuel. Valve seat recession can occur on older vehicles where the cylinder heads are not fitted with hardened valve seats.

This can lead to a whole series of engine and running issues that may require significant engineering work to overcome.

Rarely run vehicles can also suffer from corrosion of the whole fuel system, through condensation and water in the bio fuel portion of modern fuels. This is why modern cars have plastic fuel tanks. Using modern poorer quality fuel can lead to tanks rotting out and the whole fuel system being clogged with rust. Retro Fuel Restorer increases octane, reduces corrosion, increases lubricity, and stops fuel from getting stale for up to two years.

Dilute at 1 part Rehab4 Retro Fuel Restorer to 400 parts petrol. Simply add to the tank before filling with petrol.


  • Lead replacement technology
  • Reduces valve seat wear
  • Increases octane
  • Preserves and protects fuel
  • Reduces corrosion in fuel tanks and systems
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