Oil Booster 90

A cutting-edge oil treatment package that reduces in-engine friction by up to 90%.

Rehab4 – Oil Booster 90

Rehab4 Oil Booster 90 is an astonishing advanced oil treatment package:

  • Provides exceptional anti-wear protection with up to 90% reduction in friction
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces oil burning
  • Quietens noisy engines
  • Protects against oil aging
  • Reduces the formation of crankcase acids
  • Reduces heat
  • For use in any grade of oil
  • Works in cool oil at start up
  • Free of sulphur lead and chlorine
  • Works in synthetic or mineral oils

Rehab4 Oil Booster 90 is new and completely unique. This oil supplement is developed for universal application for all engines.

Rehab4 Oil Booster 90 creates a super tough thin lubricating film that after two hours in the engine can almost completely eliminate friction. In addition, it has special lubricants that can actually condition the metal, reducing its coefficient of friction.

Formulated to boost oil performance levels beyond API SN or MIL 46152B lubricants, Oil Booster 90 exceeds the specification and compatibility of all ACEA standards. When added to the specified oil, it exceeds the standard required by all leading vehicle manufacturers, and improves fuel economy by reducing internal engine friction. It can be used on manual gearboxes and differentials, but should not be used in wet clutches or automatic transmissions.

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Pack Sizes

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