Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment

Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment turns basic petrol into a smooth-running, ultra-reliable marine superfuel.

Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment turns basic petrol into a smooth-running, ultra-reliable superfuel, at once enhancing its octane rating, lubricating the internal components of the engine, and making both fuel and equipment run smoother – and last for longer.

Outboard engines treated with Neptune are more efficient, squeezing more thrust out of every litre of fuel, and they’re cleaner, too. While the engine runs, Neptune’s semi-stable water in oil emulsion gathers up water and saline from the tank, safely disposing of it through the system – and while the engine’s off, any leftover water will simply separate along the tank bottom for uncomplicated removal.

Neptune protects against fuel ageing, prevents clogged fuel pumps and injectors, and reduces emissions while it does it. For boating, safety, quick running, and reliability are more critical than ever – and in one additive, Neptune delivers them all.

Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment cleans, refines and enhances every aspect of your fuel and the engine it runs in. When it comes to providing fuel security and smoother running on the water, Neptune is in a class of its own.


  • Increases octane rating
  • Lubricates fuel pump and injector
  • Increases fuel pump and injector life
  • Controls water in the petrol
  • Protects against fuel degradation
  • Reduces carbon contamination
  • Reduces emissions
  • Suitable for both 4- and 2-stroke engines


Dilute at 1 part Rehab4 Neptune to 1000 parts petrol. Neptune can be added to bulk storage, or directly into an outboard engine’s fuel tank. Simply add to the fuel tank before filling with fuel. If added after filling a bulk storage tank use mixing equipment; alternatively, use dosing equipment in a fuel dispenser.

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