Bulk Tank Treatment+

Rehab4 Bulk Tank Treatment+ fights corrosion, kills algae, and brings fuel ageing to a halt. For long-term fuel storage, it's the ultimate formula.

Long Term Storage Solution

This product is formulated to stop deterioration in fuels and fuel systems where fuel is stored for extended periods of time or equipment is used sporadically. It combats fuel oxidisation and exhibits anti-corrosion and algae prevention properties.


Rehab4 BTT+ is developed for the requirements of large bulk storage.

Old fuel loses effectiveness. The degradation causes poorer ignition, poorer performance, increased emissions, and more gum and varnish build up throughout injection systems.

Dilute at 1 part Bulk Tank Treatment+ to 4000 parts diesel fuel. Simply add to the tank before filling with diesel fuel. If added after filling the tank use mixing equipment; alternatively, use dosing equipment in a fuel dispenser.


  • Oxidisation resistance doubled
  • Keeps fuel from splitting into fractions

Preserves ignition quality:

  • Increases storage life beyond a year
  • Prevents diesel weed growth
  • Reduces the potential for microbial growth during downtime
  • Imparts anti-corrosion capacity
  • Helps prevent filter plugging
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Pack Sizes

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