Reaper Agricultural Petrol Enhancer

Rehab4 Reaper improves and stabilises fuel for the 2- and 4-stroke petrol engines used in agriculture,
horticulture, mowing, and gardening.

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Rehab4 Reaper is a state-of-the-art fuel improver for 2- and 4-stroke petrol engines. It’s designed from scratch to fit the needs of petrol equipment used in agriculture, horticulture, mowing, and gardening.

Reaper improves and restores octane in old fuel. It removes water condensation, improves
starting, decreases fuel consumption, and drastically cuts emissions. Equipment will run more easily, with smooth starting and less smoking – and more efficiently, with better mileage per litre of fuel.

Mowers, petrol strimmers, classic tractors, and all two-stroke fuelled equipment will run as
the manufacturer intended. Long-term economy is improved too: while standard fuel oxidises
after just 6 weeks, Reaper extends this to in excess of a year. Additionally, engines will run
less problematically thanks to Reaper’s unique formulation, which gathers up water from
fuel tanks in a semi-stable microemulsion.

Reaper stops the frustration of poor starting that comes from fuel ageing by stabilising the
fuel. Its useful octane increase helps to decrease fuel usage, reduce emissions, and prevent
gums and varnishes forming in the fuel system – laying the problem of blocked fuel ways to
rest for good.

Rehab4 Reaper cleans, refines, and enhances every aspect of your fuel and the engine it runs
in. With one stroke, it cuts cleanly through the issues of old fuel, poor starting, and fuel
clogging. With Reaper, petrol problems have breathed their last.

Dilute at 1 part Rehab4 Reaper to 100
parts petrol. Simply add to the fuel tank
before filling with fuel.

• Increases octane
• Lubricates fuel system
• Controls water in fuel from condensation
• Stabilises fuel for 1 year plus
• Reduces carbon formation
• Reduces smoking and hesitation
• Suitable for both 2- and 4-stroke engines

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