Lubrication System Cleaner

A unique formula designed to remove old, contaminated oil, delivering optimum protection and cleaning performance.

Detox4 – Lubrication System Cleaner

Detox4 Lubrication System Cleaner has been designed specifically to combat contamination issues that impair the performance and longevity of modern hi-tech automotive engines. A unique formula designed to remove old, contaminated oil, it delivers optimum protection and cleaning performance. This unique blend of detergents and cleaning agents, both liquid- and vapour-based, is combined with an advanced lubrication package. Use of this treatment ensures that contamination is removed during the oil change procedure, resulting in clean engine internals and allowing the new oil to work to the best of its ability. This optimises engine performance and therefore emissions.


  • Cleans engine internally while providing excellent anti-wear protection
  • Removes lacquer, varnish, sludge and other contaminants from the crankcase
  • Frees sticking piston rings, variable valve timing and hydraulic valve lifters
  • Stabilises cylinder compression, restoring lost engine power
  • Cleans fine oilways ensuring oil flow to critical moving parts
  • Greatly reduces engine emissions
  • Neutralises crank case acids
  • Ensures new oil stays clean for longer
  • Cleans the oil and lubrication system
  • Protect against wear
  • Reduce exhaust gas emissions
  • Optimise compressions

Detox4 Lubrication System Cleaner is formulated to work safely with all 4 stroke engine oils, petrol and diesel including wet clutch operation systems.

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