Fuel and oil enhancers, oils, greases, and technical service products.

In a world of stricter exhaust emissions, variable and decreasing fuel quality, complex oil specifications and increasing technical issues, we work to bring control of fuel and oil quality into the hands of users. Our technical solutions keep burners, engines, and transmissions effectively fuelled, lubricated, and serviced.

Modern fuel has a quality problem. From road grades to marine fuel, agricultural diesel to home heating kerosene, the industry is showing a startling trend of letting the quality of its products sag and having the consumer deal with the consequences. Increasingly, modern fuel is prone to storage degradation issues and water contamination, and is treated with only the bare minimum of additive packages.

All of this needs to be understood in the context of ever-tougher emissions regulations, which place even firmer demands on fuel. The lack of additives not only compromises performance and economy, but can directly lead to equipment failure. The result for the consumer: uneven performance, rising maintenance costs, and plummeting fuel efficiency.

Through our Burning Passion development programme, Syntec4 aims to give the consumer back control. Our products keep fuel quality up and fresh, boost component life, produce fewer emissions, improve power and heat output, and put an end to storage corrosion and water contamination issues. They’ll reduce maintenance costs and increase fuel efficiency, drastically reducing overheads for your business. They’ll also improve performance – so that your day-to-day runs just that little bit smoother.

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